Firearms Auctions

We offer safe, responsible and transparent firearms auction services for collectors, sportsmen, estate lawyers, executors, trustees, heirs and widows.

If you are unfamiliar with the laws and regulations governing firearms, ownership and licensing we are here to help!



A valid Possession and Acquisition License (P.A.L.) is required to purchase firearms and ammunition in Canada.  

Firearm registration applies to all restricted and prohibited firearms purchased by Canadians except firearms classified as antique and non-restricted.

Regardless of whether you have a firearms license or not, we can legally and responsibly sell your guns for you. Call us today to have a very discrete and transparent discussion.

We can ONLY ship ammunition within Canada .

Trustees & Executors

All persons in possession of firearms are subject to abide by the Canadian Firearms Act and laws governing the ownership, transportation, and storage of them. DO NOT move, unlock, give away, or sell firearms in your possession until you fully understand the laws in your jurisdiction. It is the trustee’s or executor’s responsibility to ensure firearms included in a will or an estate are stored in a safe and legal fashion.

Are you an executor or trustee with guns? In Canada, all firearms owners must have a firearms Possession and Acquisition License, and additionally, a registration certificate for any restricted or prohibited firearms.

For estate trustees and executors, you are not legally required to surrender any firearms of an estate to the police. While estate laws may vary by province, the Canadian Firearms Act states an executor generally has the same rights the deceased had to possess firearms even if the executor does not personally have a P.A.L.


If you have a question about the firearms in your possession or think the auction method might work for you, contact us today!

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